DSF Apply (Clan)

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DSF Apply (Clan)

Post by Droptek on Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:46 pm

->Name: Jordan Georgiev
->Age: 14 (I'm young sry Mad)
->InGame Name: Droptek
->Did you have any other names before ? If yes tell us which: Droptek and Clantag (Droptek_G8M, etc...)
->Were you already in another clan ?: G8M, WRS, HC, NC, XXX and uDz
->If yes, why not anymore ?: G8M - Slowly dying, WRS - Had problem with Punisher, HC - Noobs, NC - Spanish and don't understand anything, uDz - Dying, but somehow it's alive now.
->Which games do you play ?: For now only SAMP
->Where have you heard about DSF: In Underground Stunting (I play there). I know Rufus for a while, but he was inactive and now he is back.
->Why should we choose you ?: Because my English knowlege is good, because i can be helpfull and respect the other players. I know im young, but i'm a respectfull person.
->Are you cheating/have you cheated before ?: No, I haven't.
->Did you read the clan rules ?: Yes. I saw about minimun 16 and that's a problem for me (im younger :/)
->How often do you play in a week ? (hours): I play 5 or 6 hours a day, but sometimes I'm not active everyday. About a week I haven't counted.
->Tell us something about yourself: I am from Bulgaria and I know DSF for a long time ago. I play in Underground Stunting since 2016, but i earned score fast. I am 8th grade, Language Class. Next year i will start having Deutsch lessons (sry if i spelled it wrong).

I applied to be in the clan, cause I'm already in the crew of DSF in US. Good luck voting in my apply Smile

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Re: DSF Apply (Clan)

Post by Akilopotz on Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:08 pm

You have been declined for the following reasons:

-You have to be 16 to join us.
-We aren't searching SA-MP players for our clan and it's not focussed on SA-MP anymore.

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