[ABGELEHNT] Application

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[ABGELEHNT] Application

Post by DiDi on Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:32 pm

->Name: Adis
->Age: 17
->InGame Name: DiDi
->Did you have any other names before ? If yes tell us which: [OS]ShawZ, SKiLLz, ReVenGeS_
->Were you already in another clan ?: Yes
->If yes, why not anymore ?: .
->Which games do you play ?: CS:GO, GTA V and SA:MP
->Where have you heard about DSF: At US server
->Why should we take you ?:  Basic knowledge-Active,pro deathmatch player with good behaviour and
mature person who knows lot about game of SA-MP.

Skills-my basic skills of c-bug and 2 shoots are more than enough.
On daily basic I spent about (sate napiši),so yeah I always practice
my skills and I'm not getting out of form.

Behaviour-My behaviour in-game is pretty good,I guess,I'm aimin' to
not insult anyone but if I offended anyone,in this opportunity
I apologize.

Talk-active - As a person with good behaviour I'm also talk-active

Helpful-I'm kind of a helpful person because if anyone needs help
trying to help if I can of course.
->Are you cheating/have you cheated before ?: No
->Did you read the clan rules ?: Yes
->How often do you play in a week ? (hours): +20
->Tell us something about yourself: My name is DiDi, I like all xD love play samp csgo and gta v race and etc

-Thanks for reading, DiDi


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Re: [ABGELEHNT] Application

Post by RufuS on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:54 pm


You do not fit into our clan, and we dont play Samp anymore.

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